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H-oops Game a super fun beachball game and Hula Hoop game  

A beach game & yard game that combines soccer with basketball

Looking for a fun and exciting backyard game that is perfect for all ages? Look no further than At Play Games, where we offer H-oops – the ultimate combination of hula hoop and beachball fun! Our fast-paced and high-scoring game is perfect for playing in the sand or on any surface, and guarantees hours of fun for all. So why wait? Grab some friends, grab a H-oops set, and get ready for some unforgettable backyard fun!

Hoops game set85.jpg
H-OOPS_game play video

H-OOPS_game play video

Play Video

At Play Games, how we and us created H-oops game. Combing fun things together.  H-OOPS game combines kicking a ball in soccer with shooting a ball in basket basketball. Two fun games.  How the games is made, by using more fun things Hula Hoops and beachballs. 

A ball in a hoop game

H-OOPS game rules are simple and included with the game set 

Product Details 

3 hoops 21" P.E. plastic 

Beachball (1) 9" 

Water filler P.E. plastic 

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