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Our backyard soccer game is a fast face to face family game

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A soccer game for playing anywhere even in the street 


Adults can have fun while playing our game on the lawn 

The story behind creating Big Score Soccer Game.

Welcome to At Play Games, the home of Big Score Soccer. Our mission is to create Zen, minimalistic games and products.  We want people to get  together and have FUN.  All our games are designed with simplicity, quality, and innovation in mind, just like our popular game, Big Score Soccer. With easy-to-follow rules and lasting entertainment, we want to provide you with the ultimate game-playing experience. Feel free to reach out to us or browse our products to discover our selection of fun backyard games

Why play a soccer game without a soccer net?

When soccer is played with a net the soccer net stops the ball and the play. boring.  Our big score soccer game has a kick through soccer goal.

Totally Beached! A Beachball Soccer Game played with 2 beachballs. 

Our beachball game uses special water filled soccer balls that stay in play.  Kick them and they roll only a short distance and stay in the play area

Fill with just air, or air and a little water or air and a lot of water.  The more water the shorter the roll distance.  They are so safe players can throw them at each other.  And you can play with the balls without adding water 

Sale! $32.29 game set free shipping 

Our soccer goal is made to be flexible so that it is safe and will not easily break

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Yellow side of soccer goal

Add water to beach balls or play without adding water. 

Our soccer game is better because 2 game balls are always in play.  Our game only has 3 rules.  

Product details:
  • Kick-through goal made of sturdy, P.E. tubing with 2 connectors that breaks apart to carry (base 30", top 25")

  • 2-sided, 2-colored nylon flags

  • 2 beachballs 1 red and 1 yellow ,12 inch clear 

  • 2 hold down ground pegs 

  • 1 water injecting device use to add water to balls 

  • Printed game rules DOWNLOAD

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