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Our basketball dribbling trainer improves your skills



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How to play, dribble over and under the top bar using your right hand & left hand  

Dribble around the hanging ball

without touching it !    included

 Dribble iT Basketball Game a fun way to sharpen your dribbling skills

Basic Game Rules:

Set the timer on your smartphone for 30 seconds. Start by dribbling the basketball inside the frame without bouncing outside it or hitting the frame. Dribble for 30 seconds. While you dribble, you will have to switch hands and cross under and over the center bar. A player gets 10 points if there are no mistakes while dribbling and the time runs out. Subtract 2 points for each mistake, hitting the frame or bouncing outside it. The player with the most points wins the round!

See the downloadable game rules (below) for instructions for the Skills Game or the Repeat Me Game.

  • Sturdy, P.E. frame (90" base) (54" top bar) and two connectors

  • 1.5 " hanging ball 

  • Printed game rules DOWNLOAD

  • NOTE: Basketball not included

$24.00 free shipping
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